Projects Directly Implemented by the Ministry 2017

1. Enhancement of Digital Literacy of Students & Teachers (Construction of Computer Labs in Schools & Teacher Training)
2. IT park Jaffna
3. IT park Mannar
4. Enhance the ICT Competencies of Public Service Managers.
5. Enhance the ICT competencies of public services
6. Development and improvement of ICT applications in the public sector organizations
7. eGrama Niladari (e-GN) Project Enhance the ICT usage among Grass Root Level Government Officers
8. Develop open data and open government public initiative strategy
9. Preparation of the National Digital Policy Framework
10. Research and surveys on digital literacy, eGovernmnet and ICT for Development
11. Development & implementation of a model e-Office framework for Government Institutions.
12. Awareness of Internet of Things (IoT) through use of basic hardware
13. Enhance the IT literacy of senior citizens using Nenasala Centers
14. Promotion of Internet Awareness and Digitalization
15. Local Languages promotion with National Facilitation Center
16. District IT Centers
17. Innovation center for ICT startups